Screened Porch built in Stafford County

Beautiful Screened Porch built to provide customer with outside living space. 8 x 8 posts on 16 x 16 footers give porch a solid foundation.
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Rappahannock River Builders

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Floor Joists
Screened Porch Overview
Before Start
8x8 Posts and Beam
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Pouring Footers
Screened Porch Building
Replacing Siding
screenedporch001012.jpg screenedporch001011.jpg screenedporch001010.jpg screenedporch001009.jpg screenedporch001008.jpg screenedporch001007.jpg screenedporch001006.jpg
Deck Complete
screenedporch001005.jpg screenedporch001004.jpg screenedporch001003.jpg screenedporch001002.jpg screenedporch001001.jpg
Completed less Screen
Deck Detail